Building on a Hillside Series | Part 1: Grading and Retaining Walls

  As a custom home builder located in Orange County, where most of the undeveloped land still left to build on is on a steep hill, our new home projects are often on an incline. Often the grade of this sloping land can be quite steep! Naturally, building on a hillside comes with the risks […]

Building on a Hillside Video Series | Part 2: Foundations

In part two of our series on how to build a home on a hillside—we tackle the most important step of any new home build: the foundation. In this episode Orange County- based custom home builder—James David Lepak shares the steps that can be taken to protect a new home built on a cliff, slope […]

Building on a Hillside Series | Part 3: Framing

Here’s where we really start to see the transformation of this 12,000 square foot custom home. Kevin Voytovich, of James David Custom Homes takes us through our unique process to framing this new home construction on a 45% grade in Los Angeles. Follow along as we give away some our time/money-saving trade secrets, as well […]

Building on a Hillside Series | Part 4: Importing vs. Exporting

Because of the scarcity of available land in Southern California a majority of the new home building opportunities are on sloped land. Sometimes with a very steep grade. New home owners are often nervous about building on a hillside with the risk of erosion, slope creep and earthquakes to their home.

It’s Demo Day in Santa Monica

  There’s always a lot of excitement when we’re starting a new project and we’re particularly excited about this new home we’re building in beautiful Downtown Santa Monica, a block from the beach.   Demoing the existing property for a new custom home in Santa Monica   Before construction, foundation or even grading can be […]

Building a Mansion on 12-Acres in Orange County

Coto De Caza is one of the most highly desirable private community in Orange County offering residence a rural feel while being close to the beaches and metropolitan areas of Orange County. It is one of our few locals left with multi-acre lots providing the freedom to build expansive homes. Today we give you an […]