Building into a Hillside in Silverado Canyon Part 1

Welcome to James David Custom Homes, your premier destination for extraordinary custom home solutions in Southern California! Join us in the first episode of our new series as we showcase the journey of our latest project—a magnificent 6,500 square foot custom home nestled into a breathtaking hillside on a 21-acre nature preserve in Silverado, California.

In this video, we explore the intricacies of building on a hillside while adhering to sustainable construction practices and preserving the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Witness our expert craftsmanship as we design a 50-yard long driveway with retaining walls, ensuring stability and seamless integration with the terrain.

Safety is paramount, demonstrated by our strategic installation of 500-gallon water tanks at the top and bottom of the hillside, providing reliable fire protection for homeowners. We also prioritize the preservation of the majestic old growth oak trees, working closely with arborists and natural preservists to ensure their protection during construction.

Managing the export of 3,000 cubic yards of dirt showcases our expertise in earthwork, as we adhere to preservation guidelines that prohibit on-site stockpiling. Witness the precision and complexity involved in this process.

Throughout our video series, we’ll provide valuable insights gained from our experience, including navigating the permit acquisition process with patience and perseverance.