Part 5: Crane Day – James David Custom Homes – Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Watch this video to see the James David Custom Homes team craning in the glued laminated timber beams for the loggia.

As you know (from the first four videos), we have already laid the foundation, stood up the exterior walls, installed 80% of the roof with sheeting and done the timber truss installation.

On the job site today we are going to crane in the structural glulam beams for the loggia and patio, while it’s starting to snow. These beams are 8” x 14” pre-stained beams with steel plates at the top to hold them together.This helps to keep this area vaulted. We are using a five thousand pound crane that extends up to one hundred feet in length so that we’re able to set each heavy beam into the correct place.

A proper waterproofing system is critical for this structure. We worked with Henry for this project. Their products and systems manage the flow of water, air, vapor, and energy through the building envelope, from foundation to roof, improving the structure’s energy efficiency, livability, and sustainability.