Part 2: Framing & Raising Walls – James David Custom Homes – Coeur d’Alene Idaho

As we continue to build this new beautiful home in the pines above Lake Coeur d’Alene, we are sharing critical steps along the journey. The property is just shy of six acres set atop a hill with breathtaking views during all four seasons. For that reason, this 5,800 square foot home has massive windows and vaulted ceilings to capture the outdoor beauty and mimic the majesty of the area indoors. We are additionally using as many native materials as possible to make the home feel organic.

Floor Joists

Once the site is ready, we begin to pour the foundation and build the floors using a Trus Joist TJI floor system with advantech subflooring. We have chosen these joists over standard trusses because of their high-performance properties, making them resistant to warping, twisting, and shrinking. They offer unparalleled stability, so the homeowner will not have to worry about squeaky floors down the road. We also like that they are strong, come in long lengths for this sizable build, and are lightweight and easy for the crew to handle.

Exterior Walls

This is the first part of the build that really gives you a vision of the home in all its grandeur. Until the walls are standing, it is just a two-dimensional environment. But add the walls, and wow—this home is taking shape! Now you can really envision the view out of the large windows facing the lake.

Each wall is carefully measured and fabricated before standing. This process can be quite complex and is unique for each build. This home boasts vaulted ceilings with heights ranging from ten to nineteen feet. Our crew makes this work look easy, but the wall construction and raising takes careful planning and knowledgeable execution.

Layout and Prep

Once the architectural layout has been determined, our crew prepares by getting all the materials together and laying them out in the desired design. This is often referred to as chalking—laying out each wall on the floor to the architectural specifications. We carefully allow for the doors and windows and the differences in ceiling height.

Assemble the Walls

Using only the best products available, and sourcing native products when possible, our crew works quickly to assemble the exterior walls. They brace where needed, and reinforce as required. All the walls must be perfectly square and flush, as designed.

Stand the Walls and Brace

As you’ll see in the video, several team members work together to stand the framed wall, and it is braced into place with 2 x 4 lumber. Once secured, the walls are anchored into place onto the foundation. They are also connected to further stabilize the structure.

At this time, you can clearly envision what this home will look like. You can visualize the beautiful doors that will soon be hung, and can experience the views that the homeowner will enjoy from every angle.

Rock Wall Installation

While one team is busy with raising the walls, the other is busy working on the rock wall. They continue to excavate the sight and grade the platform where the rock wall will be installed. Beautiful hillsides can be victims to erosion when excavation has been used in building a home.

We are not only proud to offer you the most luxurious homes in the most beautiful locations, we also want to preserve the natural habitat and protect the environment. Boulders will be moved with a heavy duty crane and placed into a wall to deter erosion and retain soil. This will enhance the natural drainage and by using native boulders, the property will reside in a natural setting.

What’s Next?

We are looking forward to sharing the next part of this build: installing the roof and setting the trusses. The complex roof line and vaulted ceilings will once again require a crane to lift the trusses into place because of their weight and size. The vault of the ceilings, stretching from fourteen to nineteen feet, will be complemented by the use of distressed timbers that we have sourced from a two hundred fifty year old barn. Additionally, laminated timbers, with reinforcement from steel plates, will be used in the loggia and the patio.

James David Custom Homes

We love sharing our process with you because we take a great amount of pride in building each custom home. We are master builders who carefully balance development with the design of your new home. Because we want you as our customer, to have the best experience with your build, we set our standards high. We use the best products, employ the best people, and have the experience to make your build an exciting and pleasurable experience. And we are committed to respecting our environment by limiting our footprint, and preserving the landscape as much as possible.

We have over thirty years of experience in building our customers’ dream homes in Southern California, and now in Coeur d’Alene. Our customer service is second to none. Are you ready to build your dream home? Take a peek at our portfolio to see some of our past builds, or contact us with your great ideas. We welcome your questions and appreciate your business.

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