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Coto de Caza Estates

Traditional Cape Cod Home

• Architect: Architect Studio 6

• Designer: Peg Berens Interior Design LLC

Phase 1

• Addition of 3,315 square feet

• Remodel existing structure of 7,500 square feet


Phase 2

• Add 10,000 to the existing structure

Lower Strand / Dana Point

Modern Home

Architect: Studio 6 Architects•

Designer: Brooke Wagner Designs•

Addition of 540 square feet •

Complete remodel of 4,425 square feet •

Exterior hardscape and landscape •


Newport Beach

• Architect: Brion Jeanette Architecture

• Designer: Details Design

• Complete renovation of 5,000 sq. ft and room addition

The Country / Los Angeles

Modern Home

Architect: Jeanette Architects

Designer: Alisa Moffett Interiors •

Custom ground up with basement •

7,770 square feet home •

2,263 square feet of decks •

Hardscape and landscape •

Los Angeles Building House

The Country / Los Angeles

Modern Home

• Architect: Jin-Jie Yu

• Designer: Jin-Jie Yu

• Custom ground up with basement

• 10,000 square feet home

• 2,899 square feet of decks

• Infinity Pool – hardscape and landscape


Contemporary Andalusian

Architect: CJ Light Associates •

 Designer: Details Design Firm •

Custom new home •

 5,500 square feet •

Tuscan Style New Home

Costa Mesa

Modern Farmhouse

• Architect: Craig Woolbert

• Custom new build

• 5,000 square feet

Santa Monica

Modern Style Home

 Architect: Jeanette Architects •

 New Build 2287 square feet •

Santa Monica House
huntington harbor custom home

Huntington Harbor

Modern Style House

• Architect: Anha Studio

• Designer: International Custom Designs

• Custom New build. 5,500 sq. ft.

Corona Del Mar

Modern Farmhouse

 Designer: Susan Thiel Design •

Custom complete remodel of 3,119 square feet •

Corona Del Mar Project
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Monarch Bay Terrace / Dana Point

Modern Style Home

• Architect: Craig Woolbert

• Interior Designer: Lynch Design Group

• Complete interior and exterior remodel including hardscape and landscape of 2,900 square feet

City of Orange

Modern Style Home

Architect: Gensler •

Historic Eichler Home

Complete renovation and addition •

Orange New Custom Home

Villa Park

Modern Style Home

•Complete interior and exterior remodel of existing 4,200 square feet.

•650 foot room addition

Manhattan Beach

Modern Farmhouse

Designer: Susan Thiel Design •

Complete interior & exterior remodel of existing 1,200 square feet •

650 square foot room addition •

Villa Park Project

Villa Park

•Architect: Craig Woolbert

•Addition 1,400 square feet

•Complete renovation 3,600 square feet